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Digital Construction Summit

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Recently, construction industry is calling for transformation globally. In UK, the Transforming Construction Challenge (TCC) has been launched with an input £ 170 millions from Innovate UK and £ 250 millions committed match from industry. In Mainland China, there are many municipal, provincial and national levels development plan for construction industrialization and digitization. In Hong Kong, government has launched a HK$ 1 billion Construction Innovation Technology Fund (CITF) to boost the industry transformation. Echoing to the Construction 2.0 report published by Development Bureau and the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council BIM Year 2019 theme, this Digital Construction Summit aims to deliver the latest global development in BIM with a focus on digitization and construction. Expert speakers were invited from academia and industry from United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Mainland China to share their valuable experiences and insightful vision to the local industry.

We believe that all participants will be better equipped in comprehending and identifying the possible international and local cultural and technical barriers in BIM adoption. Also, they can more understand the latest global development in BIM with a focus on digitization and construction.    

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